Why work with a Wellness Coach


Advice is easy to come by. The world is full of people who will tell you what to do.

Doctors, bloggers, friends, and other ‘experts’ will often offer their advice freely.

But are any of these ‘experts’ truly the expert on you?

A wellness coach understands that the expert who really knows you best is yourself.

A wellness coach will help you achieve greater well-being through a supportive partnership that explores what works best for you. They will help you discover your motivation, and establish and achieve your own unique personal wellness plan.

A plan that truly focuses on what is most important to you.

A wellness coach will support you, and provide accountability, as you implement your plan.

One Step at at time.

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One of the best analogies for what a wellness coach does for a you is that of a mountain guide.

A mountain guide does not tell you to climb a mountain or what mountains to climb. Nor do they climb the mountain for you.

A mountain guide helps prepare the climber for the challenge. They help the climber find their motivation, and stay connected to that motivation.

They help the climber identify, prepare for, and overcome obstacles.

The mountain guide works to ensure the climber will reach their peak, much the same way a wellness coach ensures you will reach your wellness peak.

If you’re ready to improve your well-being and find greater life satisfaction, take the first step today.

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